fig.1 – Not the Categorical Imperative.

So, this is a picture of me posing
very earnestly. Below a Spanish Island’s street named after a great german philosopher.

It was taken by my wife. She thinks she did such a good job of capturing what she (happily/endearingly) mistakes for beauty. However, much like all of us, she is troubled by her success. So, she wants me to remind the all of you out there in the internet – yes all of you – that I am married.

She assures me that she is not a jealous person, but wants all of you to know that she very much is.

So, what is this? It was a poetry blog. Now it’s more like a business card for a non-businessperson. An unbusiness card if you will, and being so, my contact details follow.

I love getting letters from people but you can also send other things: For example, the humble post-card or, novel objects such as cartoons scribbled on bar-napkins or human corpses. This is my address should you feel the urge to write or visit:

Benjamin G. Griffin
Gavanskaya ul. 36 – k.19
Saint Petersburg 199406
*Google Maps Link

or you can Call. People do that.

+7 (981) 773-12-47 if in Russia.
02 6176 1313 if in Australia
0413 013 357 if you want to text. I will respond if your SMS warrants the A$1 return cost.
benggriffin‘ on Skype if elsewhere, or if you like faces involved in your conversations.

I also have an email address that I will not respond to in a timely manner. c.f. Facebook, Linkedin (now blocked in Russia), Google+, Twitter.

Benjamin George Griffin
Benjamin George Griffin

P.S. If you click around here too much you’ll inevitably find some things that I (now) find cloyingly earnest and embarrassing. There is a collection of poetry (written exclusively by other people) which is quite good; some half decent translations by myself; and, some of my writing. It should be said by someone, that some of it is so bad that it shouldn’t even be deleted. There was one rant that was once minorly popular (3,000 odd views), but rest assured that this was just because of all the swearing (that started before the title finished.) The most popular thing I’ve written seems was on something dear to my heart– how to start reading philosophy (14,800 people, somewhat amazingly.)

That said, I really consider this a graveyard for prose. Enjoy?